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Hi Everyone! I wanted to touch base regarding what direction Angels Embrace is taking. This website is for practitioners, musicians, accountants etc. who want to work as a part of a network. What do I mean by this? People who come together as a team and enjoy helping the world as one. Please remember that this is not just for the Calgary area, I am hoping to reach worldwide. However baby steps are required for most journeys, so this will be kept in mind.

Now it also serves the purpose for people who are seeking spiritual guidance. As a team, I believe that we can accomplish this. Many of the practitioners that are available on this website have come together in agreement that we would be there solely for the person in need. If one of us not able to answer your question, we will help find someone will be able to speak the language and help anyone through a time where it is needed most.

If you have any questions, please email me at info@angels-embrace.ca

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